How do you know when it’s time to buy a new car? Do you read it in a horoscope? Does an automobile fairy descend upon you while you slumber, whispering sweet somethings like “Your old car is junk” or “Subaru Forester” in your ear?

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No – there isn’t some magical method of identifying when to ditch your old ride for a new vehicle. But when that fateful time arrives, you’ll undoubtedly see all the telltale signs alerting you that a trip to your Subaru or car dealership is in your near future. Here are the 11 most obvious ones:

1. Your Vehicle is Unsafe

Your current car might need to be replaced when you think of it as a “death trap on wheels” every time you hop in. Perhaps your car door is held on by duct tape, the airbags have already been deployed (but were never replaced), or you lose power steering going through puddles -- whatever the case may be, if your vehicle isn’t keeping you safe, it’s time to update.

Subaru gets high marks in safety, in case you were wondering what type of vehicle to buy as a replacement.

2. You have a Standing Appointment with Your Mechanic Each Week

If your car spends as much time with the mechanic as it does in your garage, it's probably time for a new car. Plus, your new car will even come with a warranty, meaning fewer trips to the auto service center.

3. It’s an Oil-Eater

Is there a large black stain where you normally park your car? It's probably an oil leak, which means that your car may be headed for big engine problems and costly repairs.

If your vehicle is more than 7 years old, consider the costs of these repairs – which may be necessary every year – with the cost of financing a new Subaru. You might save money in the long run by purchasing a newer vehicle.

4. Vintage Car Remarks

If people often ask you about your vintage car, even though it's only 10 years old, then it's probably time for a new car. Vintage cars are great, but if yours is making your life more difficult, it’s time for a change.

Every year brings exciting new auto safety features, improvements to fuel efficiency, and in-vehicle entertainment. Why not embrace those new conveniences?

5. Too Big or Too Small

Life changes: Having a baby or sending the kids off to college can leave you driving a car that's either too big or too small for your current needs. A new car can get you just the right size, Goldilocks. 

6. High Insurance Costs

With improved safety features each year, newer cars are a better bet for the insurance company. You might consider a new car with crash-avoidance features to get lower insurance premiums and better coverage. However, ask your insurance agent for a price quote on a specific model and year beforehand.

7. Failed Emission Test

You know your car is old when it no longer passes an environmental emissions test. Newer cars have plenty of clean-drive technology, and your current vehicle is falling behind. You can spend a lot of money bringing your old car up to date, or treat yourself to a new environmentally friendly vehicle like the Subaru Legacy

Although Alabama doesn’t require drivers to perform emissions tests, many insurance companies will offer discounts if you drive a green car. Keeping up with the latest in fuel-efficiency will save you money over the long haul.

8. Weather Affects Your Car

Does your car overheat in the summer months or leave you sweating in the cabin? These are signs that your old car battery and radiator may be on the verge of collapse. You may find yourself with some hefty repair bills in the near future, as fixing a radiator is one of the most expensive repairs out there.

9. Gas Costs Rise While Prices Remain Steady

Have you noticed that you're spending more on gas even though the price of a gallon has remained steady? This happens as a car ages and its engine begins working harder (and running hotter) to compensate for worn parts, belts and other components. 

10. You Deserve a New Car

You work hard and deserve a new car can be enjoyed without the fear of a breakdown. It's always nice to have the latest and greatest gizmos on the market, after all. 

11. You No Longer See Your Car Everywhere 

When you buy a new car, you see that model everywhere you go. That’s a testament to your taste and research skills. However, as time stretches, you see fewer and fewer of your model on the road, which can mean only one thing: Everyone’s already replaced theirs.

If the last sign hits close to home, find comfort in knowing you’re a good car owner who drives every mile with conviction. A new Subaru should do you well. Subaru is recognized as KBB’s most trusted brand for six straight years, and an amazing 97% of all Subaru vehicles are still on the road after 10 years.

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Ready to make the decision to kick your old car to the curb in favor of a nicer, newer vehicle? Then visit our Birmingham Subaru dealership at 1301 5th Ave North or contact Jim Burke Subaru at (205) 324-3371 to ask about our new Subaru special offers and exclusive Subaru Trade Up Advantage® Program.

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